Management Approach

Experience jet ownership in an exceptional way. Experience it with XCEL JET. Let our team manage your jet and utilize our comprehensive range of in-house services aimed at helping you maximize the enjoyment of your jet, controlling your costs and minimizing risks while protecting the significant capital investment a jet represents.

A Customized Management Plan That Works for You

Each owner’s needs are different. Our outcome-focused methodology means you are at the center of everything we do. We work with you to understand your goals and ongoing needs when it comes to chartering your private jet. Our focus is to help you maximize your enjoyment of your jet – while at the same time – generating revenue. XCEL JET takes an analytical approach and will build for you an overall management plan including key services:

  • Maintenance Planning: Current and ongoing tracking
  • Maintenance Calendaring: Scheduled and thorough administration
  • Maintenance Cost Analysis: Appraisal and critique of individual maintenance costs
  • Maintenance Programming: Forward thinking 360-degree planning
  • Management Accounting: Monthly reports prepared by in-house CPAs providing metrics, assessment and analysis of all costs
  • Real-Time Routing: Up-to-date navigation and charting support
  • Fuel Programs: Precise breakdown of vendor services to ensure highest cost-savings
  • Aviation Insurance: Proficient and thorough scrutiny of contracts and details
  • Compliance: Rigorous upkeep of FAA regulations
  • Professional Training: Training by internationally recognized firms
  • Concierge Services: Trip support
  • Crew Services: Schedule to fly with pilots and crews you know and trust
  • Hangar Storage Services: Finding you the best facilities

We Treat Your Jet Like it’s Ours

We understand owning a private jet is a significant capital investment and it is imperative that the value of this investment be protected. We recognize resale value and charter revenue are both important to you – the owner. When you partner with XCEL JET, maintaining your jet to the highest possible standard becomes job one for us.

Always Looking Out for You

Our business is management and charter focused. We don’t have in-house fuel, maintenance or hangar services and we believe, this is an advantage. Our analytics team becomes your partner when you work with us. We evaluate each and every cost for you – from fuel sales and cleaning services to hangar rental costs to maintenance – to ensure you get the best service for the best price.