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A Mantra of Safety

Our company is based on the understanding that safety is priority one. Each member of our team believes safety is one part being prepared, one part being thorough and one part being open and honest – always. Simply put, we aim to do the right thing, which we believe makes our practices extraordinarily comprehensive. In addition to this, we are committed to “never stop learning” and continually look to improve upon our procedures.

Our safety values are prevalent in every aspect of what we do and can be seen in the registered third-party guidelines we follow in addition to our own rigorously detailed in-house safety procedures.

Third-Party Safety Ratings & Procedures

Fact: Not all private jet operators have a third-party safety rating.
Fact: Third-party auditors maintain exceeded levels of safety not reached by the majority of operators in the United States.
Fact: Over 60% of private jet operators have NOT passed a third-party due diligence system.

XCEL JET is a Wyvern registered company utilizing the Pilot and Aircraft Safety Survey (PASS) program, one of the most widely used and sophisticated trip-specific due diligence reports. The company has also achieved the ARGUS Gold Standard having passed the CHEQ system, a constantly updated system that verifies three major components: historical safety ratings, pilot experience and background checks and current aircraft safety status.

The company also employs the FAA’s Flight Risk Assessment Tool (FRAT), which works to provide a proactive identification of possible hazards, assessing and mitigating risk. The tools provide us with the ability to measure and reduce risk when possible. XCEL JET also has internally developed protocols for when an unusually high risk is identified and has specific practices to determine the safest strategies based on established information.

We do all this to provide the safest outcome for every. single. flight.