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Charter Methodology

Working for You

Consider XCEL JET your dedicated resource that works to make the most of your jet ownership, minimize the risks and liabilities associated with ownership, control the costs of operations and protect the significant capital investment that a jet represents.

We are here to help you maintain the value of your asset and allow you to relax and enjoy the benefits of owning a private jet.

Meticulous Management

Owning and maintaining a luxury jet requires highly-skilled experts to understand the rapidly changing technical, administrative and regulatory standards. We practice a series of detailed proactive and preventative programs aimed at keeping long term repair and maintenance costs to a minimum.

Accountable Service

XCEL JET is a business based on the fundamentals of:

  1. Safety
  2. Service
  3. Integrity


To ensure all decisions are grounded and practical, and to make sure we deliver the highest level of service, our Analytics Team provides regular and ongoing 360-degree view appraisals of every aspect of your business. These transparent business practices are based on our service feedback system and accounting evaluations, and are then held against your individual goals to guarantee your interests are always measurable and kept in the forefront.